North Wind


The north wind was rustling the pages of your book laid down on the table. I could see the smoke coming from the kettle and disappearing in the air. The morning sunlight has made a beautiful design on the side wall of your table. I was lying on the floor, listening to the crackling sound of the fireplace. The doorbell rang and I was back to life. I opened the door and my breath catches my heart.

There you are standing like a ghost. My eyes are fixedly on yours and yours to mine. You could see the smile on corner of my lips but I didn’t give you any chance to speak. I pull you in holding your shirt and pressed my lips on yours. Your hands slid from my waist to my bottom. You touched them gently at first but as you could feel the warmth of my mouth and my tongue into yours, you couldn’t be gentle anymore. As I let you in to my home I knew I am letting you into me.

Phantom of a desert

Words strangled me and left me mute.

Words written for you but will never reach you.

So, I carry you in my thoughts,

I carry you in my heart.

Loving you, was like loving a phantom of a desert.

Loving a mirage.

A shadow of an old warrior.

Cut and bruised and bled and scarred.

My touch on your face was like a blind’s reading from a braille.

Reading your finest lines.

Locked in an old trunk

Never read by a reader.

Your blank look at the ceiling in the middle of the night,

As if a hollow shell lying on the beach,

Waiting for the wave,

Longing to be returned.

As if, a refugee walking down the lone sea,

In dream of his mystic motherland.

Your eyes were windows to my soul.

A calling from across the ages.

A secret hide place from a childhood dream.

Recognised, as our first glimpse of each other.

It was the same moment that I knew,

It would be our slow death into each other.

Turkish Lamp

The Turkish lamp has made a mysterious illumination in my room. You are sitting on the bed having your back on the headboard and looking at my naked body in the gloom and mist light. I am moving my waist and twisting my body with the tune of Mariage D’amoure. You are looking at me silently, as if, pleasantly frustrated with a nymphet’s playfulness. I come forward with the tune of the song, slowly and move farther away, just when you thought you could reach me..

Slowly, I walk towards you and sit on you. I am running my fingers through your grey and black hair. You look into my eyes. Our faces are so close, tip of our noses are gently touching. You put your arms around my waist so tightly and pulled me towards you. My arms are wrapped around your neck. You press your lips on mine and I was drawn to yours like a moth to a flame. You roll me down in the bed and I feel your bare body’s touch on mine. Our bodies are incarcerated with each other. I wrap my legs around you and you thrust your raw energy inside me. I was so ready for you. You just glide into me. Your gentle rhythmical manoeuvre opened my secret spot slowly. You could feel my warmth and tightness inside…..My inside felt the touch of you…Our liquids are making love with each other. The hard and firm you inside me…

You feel the warmth and tightness of me and go deeper and deeper… My mouth was half open and eyes half closed. I gasp a little and look at you and whisper, ‘this could just be another life’.

Velvet Window

We are all protagonists of a great novel. Each character has chapter of their own.

We have stories of love and laughter,

Sorrows and scars,

Unrequited love and heart breaks.

There are stories behind stories.

Some we know, some we don’t.

Some characters are weaved with an invisible red thread and we feel the bond.

Sometimes we lose it.

Some are warriors and some are conquerors.

But we all have a similar story to tell.

Similar but different.

Different but similar.

The colours of our tear and smile and broken hearts are no different than the other.

The core is all the same.


We all bleed red.

Strange Comrade

He saw a piece of his lost self in her,

His eyes searched for hers and looked deep into her.

He read her yearning in those brown eyes.

And he pours himself into her.

A sweet surrender taste

He swallows from her.

She whispers, I will let you get lost and find yourself in me…

Their sorrows and scars dissolve into one,

As their bodies caress.

Breathless into each other.

Throbbing hearts became one,

An opiate for time eternal.


Do we all hide behind mask?

And the mask becomes us?

Engulfing our anguish and weeps?

The shattered capillaries hidden under the sleeve?

Our howling in the breaking dawn, safe within the four walls.

Our heart bleeds purple, blue and red.

O! How we love to seduce with our hot pink lips.

Never get deceived by that smile.

Often the jaw hurts while we smile.

That lumpy sensation stuck in the throat and whimper shall be washed away in the shower.

And tears shall be wiped away in the dark.

The mask shall smile and fill your heart again.